The mission of this website is to acquaint individuals with the unbroken record of the historical Greek sounds from classical times to the present, raise an awareness of the Erasmian influence on the Greek language and learning, and make available to Bible students in particular fresh material regarding the phonological, morphological, and grammatical elements Biblical Greek and mainstream Modern Greek share.

Greek Language Resources

Reading and Pronouncing Biblical Greek

Historical Pronunciation versus Erasmian

This new book invites you to see not only how Hellenistic “Koine” ought to be pronounced but also why.

Orthography and Phonetics Workbook

Volume II

This Workbook serves as a reading, writing, listening, and pronouncing guide to Biblical Greek as well as Neohellenic (Modern Greek).

Biblical Greek Grammar Essentials

Volume III

Grammar Essentials will benefit the mid-beginning and intermediate student of Greek as well as the advanced seminarian and can be used as a resource by the professional.

Teaching Greek in Partnership with BibleMesh

If you are interested in studying New Testament Greek, you may consider BibleMesh Institute (BMI), a self-paced online program that leads to pathways toward college credit. I would be honored to serve as your NT Greek instructor.