An all-in-one grammar book, pronunciation guide, and workbook

Grammar Essentials will benefit the mid-beginning and intermediate student of Greek as well as the advanced seminarian and can be used as a resource by the professional. Featuring transliterated exercises, verbal aspect, exegetical tips, and translational insights, Grammar Essentials is a select collection of lessons I have shared with learners of Greek over many years. Downloadable sound files go with select reading passages and exercises. Special feature: an Excursus on Verbal Aspect.

“I have learned a lot from Grammar Essentials, Vol III. I found the chapter material and charts organized in a way that can be easily memorized, and the patterns of word endings visually clear.”

Jordan Rabideau, Canada

“I enjoyed the fact that the pronunciation is consistent throughout the book. Of great value is the fact that New Testament Greek is not treated as a dead language. I also found it helpful to know that New Testament and Modern Greek share many similarities not only in terms of pronunciation alone, but also in terms of vocabulary, syntax, morphology, and general grammar.””

Jordan Rabideau, Canada

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