Meet the refugee, suicidal businessman, German concentration camp escapee, and minister imprisoned for his faith

From Asia Minor to Crete, Greece. This book is the record of a man’s deeds, thoughts, and motives as he captured them with his pen first, as a refugee teenager, then as a worldly young man, later as a growing Christian, and finally as a minister of the gospel. This gripping account portrays an energetic young man in quest for meaning in life but who, in utter despair, turns suicidal. Miraculously spared from the “claws of Death,” he seeks God and becomes inwardly transformed. Eager to reach his fellow citizens with the message of Christ, he learns unconditional obedience to God as he witnesses divine intervention during business failures, poverty, war, captivity in a German concentration camp, mass execution, hardship, persecution by religious leaders and the authorities, false accusations of proselytizing with gifts and money, and repeated imprisonment for sharing the gospel. A legacy of faithful Christian service, this true story will touch you, encourage you, and uplift you. Foreword by Everett Stenhouse and Glen D. Cole.

20 chapters, 276 pages.

“…This story begins with tragedy and yet is incredibly inspirational from start to finish. I will treasure this book … as one of the best books I have ever read. This book clearly shows the Holy Spirit’s powerful work in an ordinary man’s life by making his life extraordinary.”

Michael Isham

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The Proselytizer is also available in Modern Greek

Available in Greek under the title, Το ΑΠΑΓΟΡΕΥΜΕΝΟ ΒΙΒΛΙΟ: Η Ζωή μου Πριν και Μετά (“The FORBIDDEN BOOK: My Life Before and After.”)

Perfect binding, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 356 pages. Published in 2018.

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