BIBLICAL GREEK, Vol. I: Historical Greek Pronunciation

Historical Greek Pronunciation (HGP)

This book addresses the questions: – How was Greek pronounced in New Testament times? – How similar is the pronunciation of Modern Greek to New Testament Greek? – What about the Erasmian pronunciation? To that end, it does two things. First, it traces the origins of Koine sounds to pre-Koine times and follows their development so diachronic comparisons can be made. And second, it describes the origins and spread of Erasmian and assesses its effects on the Greek language and learning. A bonus chapter highlights key differences between Greek and English phonologies, while the Appendices analyze samples of Attic inscriptions.

“I have started to read your book.  It is excellent. I am hoping with resources such as what you provide, as well as computer technology as the enabling foundation, I will be able to achieve fluency in Greek and be able to read the New Testament as well as various ancient authors.”

— Donald D. Derkacht, Toledo, Washington

8.5” x 11”, 8 chapters, appendixes, Attic inscriptions,

171 pages., Spiral-Bound, 28 lbs. paper

“I highly recommend Dr. Zachariou and his book. [It] is easy to read and understand. The material is presented in an interesting, even an entertaining, manner. If you are even mildly interested in the history of the Greek language, read this book. “

Robert E. Smith, La Puente, California

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Historical Greek Pronunciation

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